Drive Medical RTL10266 Nitro Euro-Style 4-Wheel Rollator Walker With Seat, Red

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BrandDrive Medical
Item Weight17.5 Pounds
Item Dimensions LxWxH23 x 27.75 x 33.5 inches

The Nitro Rollator has a weight capacity of 250 lbs, making it ideal for those who may be heavier than average or have larger builds. The adjustable handlebar allows you to customize the height of the walker to fit your needs perfectly.

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The Drive Medical RTL10266 Nitro Euro-Style 4-Wheel Rollator Walker With Seat is perfect for those who need a little extra stability and support while walking. This stylish, modern-looking walker offers an adjustable handlebar and seat height along with a foldable design for easy storage and transport. The 4 large 8″ rubber wheels provide a smooth ride over most surfaces and the ergonomic hand brakes help you slow down or stop quickly.

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Innovations to Improve Your Life: Mobility, Bathroom Safety & Lifestyle Essentials
Mobility Solutions: Comfort, Advanced Features, Versatility
Sophisticated Safety and Sleek Design
One-Handed Folding for Easiest Compact Storage
Customizable Fit: Adjustable Ergonomic Handles and Back Support

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Weight17.5 lbs

10 reviews for Drive Medical RTL10266 Nitro Euro-Style 4-Wheel Rollator Walker With Seat, Red

  1. 5 out of 5


    Should have purchased this rollator firstEdit Aug 2022. Added me photo. Yes, this rollator folds easily by pulling up on the left side of the handle on the seat itself. Yes it’s stable on uneven ground. The stylish rollator maneuvers wonderfully when wide open. When folded, the front wheels must be straight to push forward. My height in the photo approx 5’7”. I found this photo from a 2021 cruise where you can see the required face mask on one arm and the hand holding onto the rollator on a bumpy wooden bridge. The wheels on this rollator are big enough to glide over uneven surfaces without getting stuck.Below is my very long review which I agree is too long — but I was tired of reading “I love it!” reviews that gave zero reasons why. This rollator was great on the cruise ship because the handle in the middle of the seat pulls up and makes the rollator shrink to whatever width I needed to get in and out of the narrow cruise cabin stateroom doors and my narrow bathroom doors at home. The bonus was the versatile wheels that went wherever I wanted to go. The fractured ankle and hip bursitis made for a long recovery and this rollator gave me independence that the traditional rollator and walker did not. If you want a funny story, let me tell you that my preschool grandson had the best time with this rollator. To him – this was a great toy. He never tipped it which surprised me. This rollator never broke for the years I used it. This rollator went through plane and cruise ship bagger handlers. My spouse pushed me backwards while I sat on the seat when we needed to rush somewhere. The rollator was always stable. This rollator went over gravel and uneven surfaces that traditional “free” rollator sand walkers could not. This rollator went camping with me. So yeah – I recommend this rollator to friends and family – and your grandson too. I never added decorations and bling to it but colors could be added to make it more stylish. If you you want more info, keep reading my original review. *****+Wow! I now own 3 rollators and one knee bike. Yes, that’s right. At each stage of recovery, I invest in my future mobility. If I could start over, I would have bought Drive Medical Nitro Euro Style White Rollator Walker, White and let me explain why. Compared to the cheaper rollator, the Drive Medical Nitro Euro Style White Rollator Walker, White is sleek and modern – but that’s not good enough to market to me. I like:* The bigger wheels on the Drive Medical Nitro Euro Style White Rollator Walker, White.* The space for my wide 17.5 inch bottom on the fabric seat model. This seat could help carry small luggage but may need a bungee cord or strap.* Even though the handlebars feel like cheap plastic, they grip nicely in my hands – ergonomic.* The wheels lock good enough for my needs; however, the old fashioned cheaper model of rollator locks stronger. Maybe the bigger wheels on Drive Medical Nitro Euro Style White Rollator Walker, White cause the brakes to feel weaker. I hope to go on hikes again. The larger diameter wheels are very easy to maneuver. With the old style rollator, I had to lift the rollator to make tight turns. This one manages tight turns much easier. Imagine trying to lift a rollator to make a tight turn while standing on one leg with a painful hip and you get the idea of how precious a smooth turn becomes. If your lodging has wide doorways, this rollator will turn even better.* The Drive Medical Nitro Euro Style White Rollator Walker, White can fit through a narrow 21.5 inch bathroom door by pulling up the plastic handle in the seat just a little bit then walk through the narrow passageway to the toilet.* The metal clip at the bottom near one wheel is supposed to be used to step on to tilt the rollator up and over a curb or begin a stair climb. For people who cannot use one foot or leg, this feature is unnecessary but could be useful for caregivers. I also want to say this: That metal clip is a fall hazard for some users so I advise removing it for some users. I have not decided if I will remove it, but if all I could do was take small steps like at the beginning of my healing, I would remove that metal clip at the bottom near one wheel.* The carry bag for accessories, is huge compared to other rollators. I do not like that I have to walk around to the front of the rollator to access the accessory bag. This is a big tradeoff. I understand why the accessory bag was positioned in front of the rollator, but earlier in my healing, I would not have been able to reach it. I am thinking of a modification for the accessory bag. People who have experienced broken ankles understand my point of having to hop around to the front or reaching forward on one foot while in extreme pain trying to hold their balance.* The rollator can be easily reduced in width to fit through a narrow doorway while actually using the walker. I mentioned this earlier regarding a bathroom, but here I am discussing times when wheelchair accessible toilets are occupied and you need to use a regular toilet in a public establishment. Oh yeah, I’ve been in that situation where I have to hop backward to get to a toilet. I also wanted to go on cruises. Update: I did not take this walker on a cruise but wish I had. Why? Because regular staterooms have narrow doors. This walker can compress like an accordion as much or as little as you want to help you get through narrow doorways.Sure cruise ships have accessible rooms, but the supply is limited. On Carnival Cruise Line Funships, the doorways to the cabin staterooms are 22 inches. On my last cruise, the old fashioned walker was very awkward to the point I didn’t use it the entire cruise. Oh yes, I suffered. I determined to find a solution to get my life back. Disclaimer: I am a travel agent and have taken training in accessible travel for all types of abilities. We who are physically challenged are able to accomplish tasks – we just do it differently. Not one time did anyone in my travel agent trainings offer solutions to doorways. If will permit, I’ll update later with photos. A few months ago I was late returning to the ship because I could not walk the last port pier on Cozumel to the ship. Being late costs money to the ship and for the rest of us as passengers. I snorkeled great. It was the walk that triggered pain. Once again I traveled to Cozumel by cruise ship. I snorkeled and walked to the pier from the ship by using the human powered carts. A tip is the cost of being taken to the drop off area. On the return to ship. Of course my ankle pain returned with strength while carrying shopping bags and I didn’t have the walker. Yes I do shop for specific gifts only found in Mexico. My pride was the problem. The walker would have helped a lot.I am also a camper and long to return to nature. Car camping is okay, but I miss my nature hikes. I’ve had to change my camping style, and this rollator – rolling walker – will help me return to doing what I enjoy. You’re gonna think a walking stick is all I need. You’d be wrong about that. Using only a walking stick triggered bursitis in my other leg’s hip, an expensive ER visit, and two rounds of steroids in my hip joint. Using this Drive Medical Nitro Euro Style White Rollator Walker, White on an uneven surface was much smoother. I wish it had shock absorbers.* Your needs may be different. than mine If cheap is what you want, there are much more expensive walkers and much cheaper walkers than Drive Medical Nitro Euro Style White Rollator Walker, White.* Think about your abilities before purchasing. For example, someone with Parkinsons challenges may need a rollator with additional features to accommodate their constant movements.* People in a nursing home on flat surfaces and wide doorways may not need the features of this rollator.* Consider your weight. The rollator is strong but the seat has a weight limit.* Read as many reviews as possible including the negative reviews.* This rollator used on rough surfaces will not last as long as a rollator used on flat tiles and carpeting. Why? The rubber is excellent but rocks are hard on wheels. I kept the protective plastic on mine and let the protective plastic take the rough rocks.* I know this is a long review. I wrote this for the people sitting where I was sitting trying to decide on the best option for the money – value. – cost vs. benefit. You are tired of stuff that doesn’t work or not as advertised. You are tired of fake reviews. Yeah, I know.* The Drive Medical Nitro Euro Style White Rollator Walker, White arrived completely assembled in a big box. someone removed it for me.If you don’t have help to remove the rollator, use a knife or box cutter to open the box. We participate in a curbside recycling program for boxes. The items arrived with a few minor scratches. The box had a small amount of damage.Other considerations:* With this Drive Medical Nitro Euro Style White Rollator Walker, White, you WILL get attention at your physical therapist’s office. My PT approved of it and helped adjust the handlebars and back seat. I am approximately 5 foot 7 inches and 190 pounds. Read the dimensions carefully to choose the correct model height for your seat and handlebars.** People are very judgemental. I was judged both foolish and wise by different people at the PT office and by my spouse for making this purchase. One old man said he loved his cheap – probably free through medicare – rollator and that’s fine for his situation.Let me grandstand a minute of your time: I did not appreciate being judged without knowing ANYTHING about my abilities, pain, surgeries, etc. He didn’t know what I had been through or my pride being hurt by having to use a rollator so keep your judgment to yourself. and judge your own situation.Here’s the deal: Everyone has their own challenges. If this model is not for you, that’s fine. Move onward to what you need but don’t block other people from choosing what is best for their situation.Be clear, the Drive Medical Nitro Euro Style White Rollator Walker, White is not perfect by design or perfect for everyone, but it’s perfect for my situation. If you found this review helpful, or any other review helpful, please click the helpful button because it helps the reviewers know if the time in writing the review made a difference and it helps other potential buyers know to pay attention to the details of a review. Sure, I can write an “I love it!” review, but what does that tell the potential buyer? Nothing. Whenever I see a lot of “I love it!” reviews, chances are high that I won’t buy that product. Why not? Because I’ve purchased those types of products and have been disappointed with my purchase with no way to return them.If you’re like the old man and you want what’s free or cheapest – this isn’t the rollator for you. Move on.*** If you want style, this might be a good rollator for you. If you want an easy to use rollator that adapts to floor and outdoor conditions — and can easily fit through doorways and cars, this might be the rollator for you. If you plan to travel, this might be the rollator for you. See – I do know how to write a review in a nutshell. Cheers, and keep on rolling.I received no payment or compensation for this review. My insurance or your tax dollars did not pay for the Drive Medical Nitro Euro Style White Rollator Walker, White.

  2. 5 out of 5

    LKG Courtney

    Perfect for travelWe just got back from a 15 day cruise around the Mediterranean. Bought this rollator shortly before we left home. Checked it at our home base airport and picked it up in Athens, Greece. From there, this amazing thing went everywhere with us (except for the Vatican and Sistine Chapel) until the day we flew home out of Barcelona, Spain.Areas toured include the Acropolis in Greece; churches and ruins in Ephesus, Turkey. Then Crete, six cities in Italy, Monte Carlo, Monaco, three cities in France and, finally, Barcelona, Spain. Almost every place we went had wet, cobblestone streets and sidewalks. My husband even used this thing (which we named, Talbot, BTW) to tour Pompeii. If you’ve been to Pompeii, you may recall the uneven roads and areas that are part of the tour. In all honesty, he needed help there because of the uneven terrain and I was so sore from helping him for a couple of days afterwards, but he managed to stay on the tour until it was over. There’s no way he could have made it without his rollator.My only gripe: The hard tires. I really wish I could have found him a dependable rollator with thicker rubber tires. That would have made traversing cobblestone streets in Europe a lot easier. The tradeoff might have been how it collapses. Probably wouldn’t be as flat with bigger tires. I think different tires would have been better but we have no regrets about this purchase and I believe you won’t either. Add to cart!

  3. 5 out of 5

    Groovy Gammy

    FANTASTIC ROLLATOR!!!!!WOW!! This Rollator is unbelievably fabulous! My husband tried other ones, which were incredibly hard to put together, too narrow, not tall enough, etc. This came ‘good to go’ right out of the box! NO assembly required period! It is lightweight, wide enough and tall enough for my 6’4″ husband. It is really a lifesaver. Not to mention…. it looks pretty cool. I have no problem putting it in the trunk or getting it out. My husband feels very secure walking and sitting in it. He had been falling quite a few times, so this truly will save his life. I can not tell you enough how wonderful this Rollator is…seriously. Very satisfied and happy with this purchase!! We just bought another one for the house. We will leave one in the trunk of our car and one in the house. We got this idea from someone else’s review. Thanks! Great idea…less lugging around. Again, 2nd one came ready to go and early! We LOVE these Rollators by Drive!!

  4. 5 out of 5


    Amazing Rollator!What a totally amazing Rollator. I ordered this, not knowing if it would work with my mother who has dementia, and has become a little bit weaker in the knees and slightly unstable. I wasn’t sure if she would be able to maneuver it and had concerns about it slipping out from under her grip. Boy was I wrong. She is doing amazingly well with it and the seat is incredibly comfortable. It helps that she can stop and sit down when she feels like she cannot keep going. This has been a wonderful addition to her life, and we love the little zippered case for newspapers, magazines, and personal effects while she is wheeling around memory care with the fanciest little Mercedes-Benz Rollator of the whole place! It has turned heads (not kidding!) Don’t think twice about purchasing. It is shipped in the box fully assembled and is better than I ever imagined it would be!

  5. 5 out of 5

    carolyn lovelady

    works well for me.This is similar to my old one is why I got this white one for my daughter’s wedding. My old one is red. Its very sturdy, handles well in most places. I like the seat on it. There are places I wont use the chairs because they are too short & very difficult for me to stand up from. So with this walker I have my own place to set every time. I do recombined this item.

  6. 4 out of 5


    Very goodI am sending this nitro back, it’s a shame because it’s really nice to use. The only problem I have is, because of rheumatoid arthritis in my hip, I have trouble getting up from the seat. I can’t push myself up properly, so it makes my hip hurt. Apart from that, the seat is really comfy. It’s a shame it’s got to go back, as I was hoping it would suit me, but I do think it’s worth getting, if you can push yourself up ok

  7. 5 out of 5


    Great piece of kitI am delighted I bought this walker. Although it is designed for out door use it is great in my house. It is broad which makes it tricky to get through some doorways but apart from that It is easily manoeuvred. The seat provides a good quality rest, great back support. It is easily folded and goes into the car boot without any hassle

  8. 5 out of 5


    Drive rollaterFantastic Rollater very sturdy,comfortable and stylish😁

  9. 5 out of 5

    Mr. A. Waters

    Great qualityI bought this for my aged mother and since that she’s increased her activity considerably often going out three times a day.

  10. 5 out of 5

    alan kaye

    Have already reviewed thisHave already reviewed this am very pleased with it

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